I would like to take a moment to recommend to you a company that offers a valuable service to any one that relies on their automotive equipment, like we do. Lube Man has made my vehicle maintenance simple, by taking care of the oil change services on site.


Any company that uses automotive equipment knows the task of keeping oil changed and vehicles in good working order can sometimes seem overwhelming. By the time you have paid someone to drag your car to an “oil change” facility, paid for half of an oil change or have to fight off an up sell for something you don’t need, it becomes costly and aggravating. I speak from experience.


Lube Man has alleviated those problems. They come to my facility, thoroughly check all vehicles, change oil, lube, and top off fluids, check lights, lubricate doors and make recommendations of future service needed. All of this being done professionally with no mess at a reasonable cost.


I strongly urge you to consider their service. feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Tom Boaz, Preferred Removal Service. (810)232-1444